Tracking HSDirs and the version of Tor they run

I made a script* to track how many HSDirs run a version of tor that understands v2 onions. It runs every hour, downloads the current consensus, finds all relays that have the HSDir flag and checks their tor version. If the tor version is 0.4.[6-9] it is counted as being “nonv2” otherwise it is counted as “v2”

This is what it looks like as a chart:

But you may want to know what fraction of HSDirs are non-v2:

The fraction to the power of 6 (keep an eye on this one). That is, the chance that 6 (random) HSDirs will not understand v2. If all 6 of a v2 onion service's HSDirs don't understand v2, it will be impossible to access it. Because it is very close to 0, v2 onion services are expected to work fine.

(The line is there, it's just so close to 0 you may not be able to see it)

The charts are self updating, every hour at 30, e.g. 11:30.
The data is available here:

And the source code here

* And then 3 others to generate charts and csv files.