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I have a habit of building Tor Browser, for no good reason. Today I did it again.

Oh well, this is what Tor Browser 11.0a9 will look like and probably also close to what TB 11 will look like

You can download my linux 64-bit TB 11a9 build if you want to test it out, or you can just wait until the Tor Project releases the a9

Just a small post to inform anybody that I have a a new key, see https://encryptionin.space/contact

About a week ago, Gus had a simple question: “is there an easy way to find the percentage of offline bridges with distribution mechanism = none?”. He asked if I'd maybe be interested in working on it, which of course I would.


I made a script* to track how many HSDirs run a version of tor that understands v2 onions. It runs every hour, downloads the current consensus, finds all relays that have the HSDir flag and checks their tor version. If the tor version is 0.4.[6-9] it is counted as being “nonv2” otherwise it is counted as “v2”

This is what it looks like as a chart:


I have made yet another site! This time we're going inside the Tor network, with an onion service. Simple as day, http://r2uc5s7zoqhujl4lqcp3kkbicmp4qqvrzyondbdgobaqogmyvjzmvhid.onion allows you to stream Sintel or Glass Half (two Blender Open Movies, licensed under CC-BY 3.0/4.0).